Privacy and cookies


The website uses cookies to allow it to function properly.

Cookies are text files that are saved from a site on the device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) of those who visit it, to be sent back to the websites on the next visit. More information on cookies can be found on the relevant Wikipedia page.

Here are some details on the type of cookies used within the website:

  • the software that run uses technical cookies in order to store some settings (such as searches made, pages visited, language choice, etc.) between sessions;
  • The site makes use of some external services (for example for YouTube videos and Facebook posts) that use cookies for their proper functioning. You can choose to disable these “third parties” cookies but you may not see those particular content. The implications of these cookies to your privacy depend heavily on the use of their respective sites. For more details you can refer to the respective information documents:
  • The site uses Google Analytics (and therefore its cookies) for generating aggregated statistics on accesses to the site itself. You can find more information on the Google site. Optionally, you can selectively disable the Google Analytics features by installing on your browser the opt-out plugin provided by Google.

In general, cookies can be disabled in the settings of your browser. You can choose to not accept cookies at all or reject only those that come from third parties (as described above). The choice to reject some or all of the cookies used by the site may penalize the proper functioning of certain portions of the site.


Personal data entered in the contact form

If you write us from the contact us page, we will use your information to answer your questions and/or get in touch with you for commercial purposes. Your data will be treated strictly confidentially, based on principles of fairness, lawfulness, transparency and the protection of confidentiality. The data will be processed exclusively for the purposes related to your request, using instruments that guarantee security and confidentiality, in accordance with local regulations (Italians d.lgs. 196/2003).


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