Our history

The O.C.F. DI AGHEMO began its activity in the 1970s at Borgaretto di Beinasco, close to Turin, in the field of structural steelwork; so since our foundation we are dealing in the iron manufacture.

For over fifteen years, the conduction remained familiar; gradually, over time, there was been inclusion of specialized personnel. The excellent quality of the final product and the reliability of the staff, as well as the flexibility to the most varied demands, soon open prospects to towards national and international customers, like:

  • F.C.A. S.p.A.
  • EDISON S.p.A.
  • COMAT S.p.A.

Over the years, in parallel with the change of company status and name (that becomes O.C.F. DI AGHEMO S.r.l.) our activity fields have been considerably diversified to cover a wide range of manufactured goods to provide appropriate answers to a growing number of requests. All this has been possible thanks to the purchase of sophisticated CNC machines and increasingly qualified staffing.

The O.C.F. DI AGHEMO has an internal design department and a quality assurance Office. In recent years we have focused more and more on customer satisfaction, supporting our customers already at the bidding stage, in the elaboration of a clear and detailed project, in order to meet the most diverse needs. To respond to this choice, we had increasingly focus on the design office, providing it with highly specialized staff. The goal is to establish a relationship of trust with our customers, in order to provide the product they had thought.

Our production possibilities range in different sectors, such as:

  • Artifacts for the handling of materials such as trolleys with the most varied technical characteristics compared to the most special requirements
  • Traditional aluminum windows and doors, with thermal cut
  • Movable walls and compasses with automatic opening
  • Windows, doors and enclosures by common steel, stainless steel and aluminium
  • Sheeds, gates and doorway, also motorized
  • modern and artistic: stairs, spiral staircases and ramps
  • Facilities for sheds, pipe-trake and chargers
  • Insulated and security doors
  • Supply of shelving and related protections
  • Stainless steel protections for sales desks
  • Bases, tanks and welded in sheet metal
  • Motorized roller and chain conveyor lines
  • Tape transfers for operators and equipped trolleys
  • Pneumatic tilt units
  • Descenders and hoists
  • Lifting beams up to 200 tons
  • Modular lofts
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems

The sectors addressed by the O.C.F. DI AGHEMO S.r.l. are various and include logistics, automotive supply chain, chemical sector and details provided for Aerospace.

In recent years, attention was focused even to the railway sector, so we have acquired major customers of international renown.

The experience gained over the years and the evolution of the design and production standards have led the company to obtain in March 1998 the achievement of the certification of its Quality System according to the ISO 9001:1994; this certification was confirmed over the years with periodical maintenance visits. In July 2010 the certification of the Quality System was updated according to ISO 9001:2008. Over the past few years the O.C.F. DI AGHEMO s.r.l. has obtained the following qualifications:

  • Certificate of denunciation of the activity of processing Centre N. 1488/11 in accordance with the Italian Ministerial Decree of 14 January 2008 “Technical standards for construction”;
  • Design, construction and installation of welded steel structures in compliance with ISO 3834-2;
  • Conformity of factory production control in accordance with EN1090-1:2009 + A1:2011 Execution of steel and aluminium structures according to the execution class up to EXC3 included;
  • CE marking on products such as doors, windows, curtain walls and gates.



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